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some whimsical finds from this week:
1 – a rotating disco ball pizza // 2 – wyoming roadtrip pics  // 3 – shroomy-looking lamps.

et al.lison // skillshare + jessica hische

i decided to start sharing resources that are design-centric + deserve more of a shout-out than a repin or retweet. first up: jessica hische’s skillshare class. this is my first time skillshare-ing but learning to letter with the queen herself was too good to pass up. i’ve been a big fan of jessica’s work for awhile; it’s hard to miss as her lovely, intricate lettering is everywhere (see moonrise kingdom, tiffany & co., all of pinterest). the class is only 15 bucks which is a small price to pay if it means stepping up my lettering game. plus it’s all part of my plan to become brunch buddies with her.

et al.lison / all season orchardmarais / et al.lisonet al.lison / I-L-L

my past few weekends have been pretty fallsy. scott and i went to an orchard about an hour north of the city for all apple errythang: cider, donuts, and some good old-fashioned picking. the midwest is pretty sweet in that driving an hour will take you from city skyscrapers to cornfields. this past weekend was spent in champaign for our first homecoming as alum. i was kind of nervous about returning – isn’t it strange to see your old stomping grounds become someone else’s? – but it was actually everything i wanted out of a weekend back at school. i miss having all my friends in one place… and those dollar drink deals. it was definitely bittersweet to head back to the real world where dancing on elevated surfaces is discouraged and i only go by ‘allison’ (as opposed to the slew of nicknames i have at school derived from my last name “skibicki”).

et al.lison / black cat magicet al.lison / black cat magic

happy halloween! it’s grey + gloomy around here which is probably a bummer for trick-or-treaters but seems appropriately moody for today. the area around our studio is under construction; apparently rain hitting new asphalt creates steam so outside looks a little smokey + spooky. it feels weird to be working today since i’m so used to celebrating at school but at least this office has a costume party! reason #129 why i like working here. i’m dressed as (blonde) wednesday adams. *snap snap*

these photos are from an audition in the 60s for a black cat, courtesy of life magazine archives now accessible via google image search.

et al.lison // the skinny

a snippet of a DIP (or design in progress) for a beauty/health wellness studio called “the skinny.” i had a little fan girl freakout when i noticed that two of favorite designer/bloggers breanna and shauna had pinned one of my early versions of this mark.

et al.lison // hello chicago

i read somewhere that blogging is comparable to exercising in that it’s very easy to put off and very difficult to work back into your schedule once you’ve gone long enough without it. consider this post my first 5k after not running in awhile; a little stiff and wince-y but hopefully a step in the right direction.

in a perfect world i’d be having it all as the good lord and liz lemon intended it; balancing work with play and still finding time to blog in a way future me will appreciate + cherish and definitely not cringe (as i do with most of my early posts). i thoroughly enjoy the process of collecting, creating + posting… and as self-conscious as i get about putting little pieces of myself online – or working out, as i’m fully committed to making this metaphor work – i really miss doing so during my exercise/interwebz absence(s).

so after a month hiatus, i’m back! i’m reclaiming (and hopefully redesigning) this space as a place to flex some of those creative muscles that haven’t been used lately. an experiment in endurance without month-long breaks, a way to work on my story-telling stamina. i keep reading that the ability to curate words, in addition to imagery, is imperative as a visual designer. and what better place to hone said skill than through the most millennial  of all methods – a blog.

* image via instagram.

season switch

et al.lison // fall et al.lison // fall

seemingly overnight, the seasons switched. is it just me or did this summer really fly by? i always drag my (still sandal-ed) feet a little this time of year in denial that my favorite season is over, but nothing says gtfo summer like sweater weather. cheers to cooler days, warmer clothes, colorful leaves for crunching and apple/cinnamon/pumpkin anything.

shirt / scarf / clutch / latte / scene


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