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the first day back after a long/holiday weekend always feels a *teeny* bit miserable so here’s some link love to battle those monday blues. all of these things deserve their own posts with paragraphs of praise but this week already seems pretty busy – see above about returning from said vacation(s) – so a blurb + a bunch of photos per item it is!

christina zona’s photo series jersey shore is appropriately americana for this time of year (via jealous curator):

et al.lison / americana photos et al.lison / americana photos1lovely shots of an eclectic apartment:

et al.lison / scout + catalogue1these photos only feed my jelly fish obsession:

et al.lison / jellyfish photos

1a really impressive geometric garland:

et al.lison / blogshop garland1a sweet side project by designer nicolas cremmydas documenting all of his travels:

et al.lison / airport adventures1big fan of cassie’s work for verily and the whole publication in general:

et al.lison / verily via vedahouse

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  1. snappystreet says:

    Thank you for sharing the love! Those jellyfish are INCREDIBLE!

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